“How To Master German In Less Time (And Have Fun Doing It)”

First of all, my girlfriend is German. She says, from a language point of view, this course is practical and spot on.

The lessons are fun and easy to follow.

Each one builds on the previous. You don’t feel overwhelmed — small, easy digestible lessons. But you don’t learn too little.

After a few chapters you can (easily) mix and match the new words you’ve learned. Then, you create new and useful sentences. I do it all the time with my cute girlfriend.. she usually replies ‘sehr gut!’.

No confusion. No guesswork.

You know those stupid language course/books where you need to double check everything on Google, dictionary, …?

Not with this one!

Rocket German’s: is like a classroom. You have ‘real’ persons breaking down each chapter’s conversation, explaining exactly why you use each single word in the way it’s used.

Most books and courses overwhelm you with new words and expect you to memorize all of it “on-the-fly”…ridiculous!

If you’re like me and you learn faster by having someone breaking down each word of every sentence and explain it in great detail — then, you can’t go wrong with this program.

Playing playing games and learning German at the same time? How cool is that?!

My favorite part of the Rocket German Program is…actually two things:

1. Top notch support — Any questions whatsoever? Support will answer it.
(So far they patiently answered all my ‘rather stupid’ questions)

2. Interactive games — You would probably forget you were “studying” if you weren’t improving your German so quickly.

Now, after you’ve done 1 chapter you will be surprised how easily you absorb everything. Then, once you’ve done a self-test or a quiz you’ll feel like the new knowledge is cemented into your brain. You can much learn faster than if there wasn’t a fun language game.

100% Practical

Start using it right away: Get around in Germany. Airport, hotel, taxi, customs, restaurants, clubs, and much more. You can easily go to Germany and get around right away with what you learn from this program.

What are the best things about the program?

  • Play fun games instead of headache-rote-learning like in schools.
  • Learn about 50% faster! Studies have shown that you learn faster when learning comes from a side-effect of a fun activity like playing games.
  • Only 15-30 a day are required. Not of study, but of fun practice. Again – you play (learning) games.
  • As a side-effect: Understand the deep and rich cultural history of Germany and its people.
  • More than 1,000 audio clips => Easy to download and passively learn while going to school, work, …
  • No rote learning! Instead, interactive vocabulary games.Probably the easiest way to learn – and, of course, most importantly retain all German words quickly and easily.  You probably won’t even realize how quickly your vocabulary is expanding.
  • Track your progress with the engaging quizzes => “What gets measured gets improved.”
    See exactly how you’re currently doing.
  • Now, that 24/7 support (native German & English). Haha, let me tell you, these guys are patient! I tend to ask (too) many questions…sometimes stupid questions…and…well, they never hesitated to give me advice.
  • Get an official certification directly from Rocket Languages! After you completed the course, you can obtain a documentation that confirms your comprehension of the German language.
    I look at mine right now. Printed and framed. — Feel free to contact me and test me anytime: )
  • Edit: Rocket German ALSO works on your iPhone, tablets and Android now! — Your personal mobile language lab!

Anyway, no need to risk anything. Test Rocket Language for free here

Any Complaints?

  • You’ll need a constant internet connection. But I guess that shouldn’t be a problem for you.
  • Some of the pictures in the games are not 100% clear. But, just use the “show English word” button.

If you are sincere about learning German then this is the course for you!


Rocket German Review

P.S Important to know: If you find that this course is unsuitable for you…get your money back within 60 days. No hassles. No questions.

    • Tim L. Martin