Hundreds Now Speak German Who Never Thought They Could – Rocket German Review

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Announcing…the new Rocket German Course that makes it fun to learn German

First let me say that I’m a software developer and my girlfriend is German. That being said I can say (from a developer’s point of view) the software is top quality. From a language point of view the course is practical and spot on (my girlfriend says so)

The lessons are well organized and easy to follow. Each one builds on the previous. I feel that I don’t learn too much in each chapter, avoiding that overwhelming feeling of too much at once. But I don’t learn too little. After a few chapters I can easily mix and match the words I’ve learned to create new and useful sentences. I do it all the time with my girlfriend (Michaela) to which she usually replies ‘sehr gut!’.

What I like most about Rocket German’s approach is it’s like a classroom. I mean, there are real persons who break down each chapter’s conversation and explains exactly why you use each word in the way it’s used.

Most software just gives you words and expects you to memorize and learn through “immersion”. I won’t get into that debate because it’s been debated all over the Internet all the time.

If you’re like me and learn faster by having someone break down each word of every sentence and explain it in great detail then you can’t go wrong with this approach.

Oh, and my favorite part of the Rocket German Program is actually two things: top notch support and the (fun) interactive games.

After I’ve done 7 chapters and I feel pretty good (and it seems come easy to me) – Now, once I’ve done a self-test or a quiz I feel like it’s cemented the info into my brain and I can move on to the next chapter much sooner than if there wasn’t a fun language game.

Ok, and so why do I think it’s practical? Because the software teaches you things you can start using right away to get around in Germany. Hotel, the taxi, customs, restaurants and clubs…no problem. You can easily go to Germany and get around right away with what you take away from this program.

What are the best things about the program?
  • You’ll get to enjoy over 1,000 audio clips scattered throughout the German language lessons => Understand the deep and rich cultural history of the country and its people.
  • For those of you that love games (well I do :)), put down your iPhone and start engaging with the MegaAudio interactive vocabulary word game. It’s a very easy way to learn – and most importantly retain – thousands of German words quickly and easily. You’ll have so much fun playing the game that you probably won’t even realize how quickly your vocabulary is expanding.
  • When you’re ready to test your knowledge of all-things German, check out the engaging quizzes that will provide you with great information on what you’re currently doing well and what you might want to focus on in the coming weeks.
  • Perhaps one of the coolest features that comes integrated with the Rocket Languages German Premium Course is the 24-hour, 7-day per week support available in the forums. This is a super great way to answer any questions you might have no matter what time it is. If you are burning the midnight oil and have a question or concern, a native-speaking German linguist is there to assist you.
  • The program also comes with official certification options directly from Rocket Languages. After completing course requirements, you have the ability to obtain documentation that confirms your comprehension of the German language.
The only thing better is to move there and live. Anyways you can try it for free!
Click here and read on to find out why I like this product.
Any Complaints?
  • You’ll need a constant internet connection. But that shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Some of the photographs in the games are not always clear and you have to use the “show English word” button from time to time.

Watch the introduction Video here:

Rocket German’s Official Website

I am having a much easier time understanding words and how they’re strung together to make sentences. I was amazed how well the words stick to my mind, and whenever I say a word or a short phrase that I also know in German, what I learned come to my mind very easily.

If you are sincere about learning German then this is the course for you!

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