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Paleo Recipe Book

Even if you’re not eating Paleo

If you want to make lasting changes on your health and life, lose weight and gain more energy… then this may open a whole new world for you.

Here’s my story:

I first started to lose weight when I changed to a low-carb diet. But I continued to eat lots of dairy and soy (because I was a vegetarian).

I have always been at about 198 pounds, and was quite happy when I dropped to 182. How? I stopped eating anything with sugar. No more bread. No more pasta.

Yet, I still got (almost) daily energy crashes and sluggish intestines. One day I took an allergy test and my doctor told me I was allergic to grains and dairy. “No spaghetti, no lasagne, no donuts… ever!” Sucks, doesn’t it?

But here’s the good thing about it. You see, since I’ve stopped eating bread and pasta… I felt my body converts food into a new energy… an energy which I have been missing out on (for far too long).

And, because I’m also allergic to beans, my ‘primo’ protein source was meat.

I only ate ‘super foods’ like: unprocessed lean meats, fresh fruits and lots of fresh veggies. My energy was going through the roof, my skin became cleaner and softer… and… I finally dropped down to 159 pounds (actually without really trying to lose weight!)

Anyways, I easily kept that level of new won energy and my new weight… until I started to eat white rice, cereals, and other processed junk foods again. My weight snapped back to 184. I just couldn’t believe it! You know how frustrating that feels? It felt like a tragedy.

I was about to give up. Until I realized one critical thing: Once you are on a Paleo diet, it must become apart of your life!

Now, Sebastien Noel from PaleoLeap tells you that grains, dairy, and legumes are indeed harmful to our health.

Before you think about getting his ‘Paleo Recipe Book’, let me tell you: You cannot expect to lose weight and then switch back to your usual way of eating.

But please, get this book and follow Sebastien’s advice only… if you are ready to change your lifestyle for good.  And I promise you, it will be worth it!

Anyway, my story has a happy ending because I started back eating paleo — now I’m feeling much better already and, best of all, I have dropped 6 pounds in a single week.

Here’s what’s in Sebastien Noel’s Paleo Recipe Book:

  • The 8-week (step-by-step) meal plan to quickly make the transition to a Paleo lifestyle. (Start burning fat right from day 1 without studying complicated Paleo rules)
  • Burn off excess body fat – up to the point you can eat more than before (eating the right food) without gaining back weight
  • 327 Paleo recipes – Repetition-free, easy-to-follow, flavorful recipes. (All of them, of course: no grains, no legumes, no sugar, no dairy.)
  • What to eat when if you can’t eat eggs, nightshade or nuts with 108 auto-Immune-friendly recipes. (In fact, many of us don’t even know that they’re intolerant to these ingredients!)
  • Free your intestines from sluggishness in 3-4 days after you start eating Paleo (often caused by inflammations of you intestines by eating the ‘wrong’ food)
  • Clear your head from restraining fogginess (That was a BIG one for me, ’cause it helped me to be much more productive at work)
  • Gain more energy throughout the day (Get rid of tiring energy ups & downs and maintain a constant energy level throughout your day)
  • No time to cook? No problem! What to eat and cook of you don’t have time with 30 extra quick & simple meal recipes (If you’re in a hurry, these recipes are serve as your ’emergency kit’!)
  • How to eat sweet desserts without cheating with these 15 super healthy Paleo recipes (apple dumplings, brownies, milkshakes, … all without feeling guilty)
  • How to use fresh herbs and spices to make your food even more flavorful with the bonus ‘Herb & Spice Guide’.
  • New Paleo Cheat-Sheet to serve you as a quick reference for all your questions (troubleshooting, portion sizes, etc.)
  • Sleep better without waking up several times per night and feel fresh and revitalized each morning (Eight hours of sleep no longer is a goal – it’s automatic)

If you’re interested to read more… here’s the link to PaleoLeap’s Website

P.S. One thing I have to mention. To all of you trying to decide between the Atkins diet or another diet: As someone who has got several food allergies because of eating the “default” American food, I fully support eating low-carb… BUT, let me tell you: any diet that doesn’t warn you of what nasty foods like processed meat, MSG, artificial sweeteners, etc. do with your body should be avoided.

Please take good care of your long-term health. Sebastien Noel, author of the Paleo Recipe Book believes that anyone can improve their health and well-being enormously with simple diet and lifestyle changes. He thinks that health is key to a happy and fulfilled life.


Preview of what’s inside:
Paleo Recipes with Meal Plan
Paleo SpicesClick here to read morePaleo Deserts

Here’s what others say: (PaleoLeap testimonials)

“It is a fantastic book. The recipes are so easy to follow and it has helped us to re-educate the way we eat. My whole family are really enjoying this healthy way of eating. I would like to congratulate you on this brilliant cookbook full of delicious recipes.” — Jane Mortazavi

“Love the variety of recipes. Most ingredients available in Australia. Photos very appealing. Book well organized. Best Paleo book I own, thank you.” — Toni Lampard


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